About Kate Walsh

  • Kate Walsh is the Founder and Developer of The Walsh Method.
  • Kate has spent over 40 years developing, research and testing her Word Survey and Archetype System.
  • Kate is a Coach, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur;
  • She has been coaching individuals and businesses to success for over 30 years.

Would you like to change your life?

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Over thirty years ago, I embarked on a journey to discover who I am. I sensed that there was a woman deep inside of me who was scratching at my soul to be set free. And I wanted to meet that woman. I wanted to be her. Not the woman that my parents trained me to be, or the girl I was told I should be by the schools and society. I wanted to embrace all of my gifts and flaws—warts and all. I wanted to be the sort of woman where what you saw was what you got. To have the courage and presence of mind to live by my own code of honor, my own naked truth.

Now I believe I am that woman. And I am pleased to say that God isn’t finished with me, yet.

My work is based on a dual system of science and spirituality. A system that uses commonly recognized Archetypes to help you recognize your strengths. A system that gives you hope as you seek out your own personal truth.

The Archetypes are designed to reveal your identity, your talents, and the truths buried within you. The Archetypes help you to see past the negative mindsets you have inherited and to focus on the gifts that are based on the inner truths inside all of us. They are a visual aid to help you see you.

I call this study and this process “The Walsh Method.”