The Walsh Archetypes

The Walsh Method Program is a powerful process for anyone who is truly ready for a change in their life. This program was developed to release the past, obtain confidence, and discover what you’re passionate about.

The Walsh Method program is more than just coaching. The WM Program uses a priority word survey that allows the individuals to express themselves through ten Archetypes. The ten are divided into two categories:

1. Six Major Archetypes, which are the gifts, strengths, and characteristics you were born with.
2. Four Minor Archetypes, are the learned negative/positive behaviors, attitudes and beliefs you were taught.

The Walsh Method Program is designed to focus on the client’s Major Archetypes while confronting the Minor issues that are usually perceived as weaknesses. We do not focus on the weaknesses, the awareness of these Minor Archetype behaviors, attitudes and beliefs are incorporated into the processes of honoring and defining gifts, strengths, and passions, and with time the Minor Archetypes are recognized as not who they truly are or useful.

At some point in the coaching process, the client has the ability to release and forgive all past Minor Archetype issues. They realize the Minor Archetypes were never their issues, they were given to them before they could discern if this behavior, attitude or belief were what they wanted.

When these events come to bear our clients find peace, balance and the impetus to change their own lives.

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