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Money Matters is a workshop about you, your Archetypes and how your Archetypes influence how you spend, save and give money.
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Recently, one of my clients described the Money Matters workshop as like having a life preserver thrown to a drowning person. If you feel overwhelmed by having more month than money, you’re not alone. And the Money Matters Workshop may be the life preserver you need to get out of debt, start saving and have more money at the end of each month.

Through the workshop, you will discover where your “black holes” are; how to get out of credit card debt; and how to manage your money by using a budget. By the end, you will have a realistic budget, a savings program and a long-term plan to start fulfilling your wishes and dreams.

The Walsh Method Money Matters Workshop is based on commonly known, but not always practiced, money-management tools. The difference is we are using your Archetypes to help build a powerful new relationship with money.

The Workshops

Week One

  A. Where you learned about money
  B. How your Archetypes influence money decision
  C. Finding your black holes

Week Two

  A. What does money mean to you
  B. Spending patterns
  C. What do you know about saving and growing your money

Week Three

  A. Money Values
  B. Developing a budget- that you will actually use
  C. Getting out of debt
  D. What are your future models new needs

Week Four

  A. Money Plan
  B. Spending -vs- earnings
  C. What are your money baskets


Each week includes one hour for the main lessons listed above with some Q & A, 30 minutes with a dedicated expert, PLUS an additional 30 minutes for Q & A for a total of 2 hours per session. All sessions will be recorded and available for those that register for a limited time.

The Money Matters Workshop will give you money tools to manage your money and have what you need when you need it. You will learn:

– To have the ability to plan for and achieve your money dreams.
– To accomplish and meet all your intentions to make your money work for you?
– To make your money work for you.

Yes, all of this very possible! But discipline and taking the tortoise view of being steady, consistent and patient is the rule for true money success and winning at the Money Matters game.

If you want more money, more peace of mind and to be happier at the end of each month, then join us. If you believe in you and are patient you can accomplish anything and everything is possible.